BEP For All Your Manifold and CNC Machining Requirements

Custom Manifolds

Custom Manufactured Manifolds

BEP can offer a full in-house manifold design capability, utilising the very latest in computer aided design software.

From a customer's hydraulic circuit, parts list and layout, we produce a fully detailed manifold drawing ready for production. As part of this process, we offer our customers a three-dimensional manifold model for viewing and checking prior to the manufacturing process commencing. For customers without modelling software, we can offer a three-dimensional viewer, which will allow the customer to view the manifold as a translucent model.

Standard Manifolds

Standard Manifolds

BEP manufactures and stock a full range of Side Ported Standard Strip Manifold Blocks as follows:

  • CETOP 3: One to eight stations
  • CETOP 5: One to six stations
  • CETOP 7: One to three station
  • CETOP 8: One to two station
  • CETOP 3: Test Point version
  • CETOP 5: Test Point version
  • CETOP 3: Relief Valve version
  • CETOP 5: Relief Valve version

Aluminium Alloy is available as a material option on the CETOP 3 and 5 manifolds.

Manifold Accessories

Manifold Accessories

To complement BEP's range of Standard Manifolds, the following range of Manifold Accessories are available:

  • CETOP 3, 5, 7 & 8 Blanking Plates
  • CETOP 3, 5, 7 & 8 Adaptor Plates
  • CETOP 3, 5, 7 & 8 Tapping Plates
  • CETOP 3 & 5 Rear Entry Sub-plates
CNC Machined Components

CNC Machined Components

BEP’s sophisticated manufacturing facility can provide a comprehensive CNC milling and turning service to meet our customer’s requirements.

Whether it is high volumes being regulated by a customer’s schedule or a single precision CNC component, BEP can offer the solution.

From your initial enquiry we are geared to customer satisfaction. From a high profile military application to a simplest of CNC components, BEP is your source for quality and service.

CV Plugs

Ball Expansion Plugs

The Cost Effective Way to Seal Holes

BEP offer quality Ball Expansion Plugs to effectively plug and seal drilled holes in fluid systems. These high pressure plugs, also known as Cv plugs, are machined to precise tolerances and subject to exacting quality control standards.

Available in metric and imperial sizes and both standard and short length, they are fully interchangeable with other products. These high pressure plugs are fast to install and offer instant mechanical expansion with no sealants required.

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Machining Facilities

The machining facility within BEP is extremely high tech with many automated processes, allowing the Company to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Plant List

  • CNC Vertical Machining Centres
  • CNC Horizontal Machining Centre with 6 x Pallet Pool
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Sawing
  • Radial Drilling
  • Vertical and Horizontal Milling
  • Surface Grinding
  • Power Degreasing and Washing
  • Gantry Crane (1 tonne)
  • Pressure Testing
  • Assembly
  • Fully equipped inspection facility


BEP is approved to ISO 9001:2008; therefore all our customers can be assured of the highest quality implicit in the granting of such an approval.

In addition to our standard methods of quality control, our experienced team can provide custom quality plans to suit the customer’s industry and/or application.